General terms and conditions

1.) Payments for funding products/services and membership upgrades or promotions are non-refundable.

All payments on this page are final, i.e. we cannot give refunds.

Payments are possible via PAYPAL and SOFORTBANKING only.

Every member is self-responsible to pay taxes, etc.

2.) Your position as an affiliate

Every member of this site has the possibility to recruit new members via a referral link. Membership upgrade commissions and referral commissions are paid once per month via PayPal.

3.) Memberships with recurring payments

Some of our upgrade levels include monthly or annual payments. The member is responsible for these payments. This means that if someone does not want to continue with an upgrade, they can unsubscribe / delete it in their PayPal account. No payments will be refunded for memberships that are not cancelled in time before the next debit.

4.) No guarantee of results

We cannot guarantee results as we have no control over how you promote your reflink. If you do not get results, please contact us and we will try to find a solution.

5.) Crowdfunding rules

Members can donate for our projects to support our brewery business. For every support there is a "Thank You Gift". We are sending beer packages, or other physical products within the European Community. Members from outside the EU get a non-physical service on our platform, or a membership at

Please note:Small Gardenparties (500€) can be conducted in Germany, Austria, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland and Czech Republic only, provided that the legal regulations allow it.

Large Gardenparties (1000€) can be conducted within all countries of the the European Community, provided that the legal regulations allow it.